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L.I.V.E. at the Chicago Fringe Festival

Locked into Vacancy is lucky enough to be participating in this years Chicago Fringe Festival. 

The Chicago Fringe Festival is an uncensored, unjuried, no-holds barred performance event that returns 100% of ticket sales to the artists. In our first six years, we have returned over $172,000 to artists.

The 2016 Chicago Fringe Festival will feature 50 groups in about 200 performances selected by lottery. 50% of shows are from the Chicago-land area and the other 50% are from across the nation and the world. Our shows include comedies, dramas, dance pieces, musicals, performance art and the unclassifiable. All shows are uncensored.

Shows run from 7–11pm weekdays and from 1pm–11pm on weekends and on Labor Day.


Locked into Vacancy Entertainment (L.I.V.E.) is an audio variety show in the style of old time radio. Foley artists share the stage and create sound effects that transport the audience to the time and place of each serial. L.I.V.E. encourages its audience to participate in each performance providing laughs, gasps, and applause. Featuring two original serials:

Generic Hospital in “The Fringe Episode”
No one knows drama like the doctors and nurses of the world's most generic hospital. Hearts will break, plots will unfold, and lives will change forever for the doctors and nurses of this high stakes health center.

Clark & Belmont in “Get Lucky”
Calvin Clark and Billy Belmont, best friends since their days at the orphanage, are all grown up. This unlikely pair travels the world collecting antique treasures at the request of their employer, the widow Mrs. Wilhelm. A new series of supernatural misadventures, Clark & Belmont are sure to leave you in stitches with their slapstickish antics!