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Thultak: Wandering barbarian - Hell is other people…who are dead!

Things sure are looking dead for Thultak: Wandering Barbarian. Literally. In order to replace his mighty sword, Thultak must venture deep into the underworld. And he's bringing Turnip along regardless of her thoughts on the matter. However, when they run into an old acquaintance, things turn downright deadly and, given where they are, that's saying something in... "Hell is Other People (Who are Dead)!"


Art by Alex Goodman

Art by Alex Goodman

The War of the Worlds!

Thanks to everyone who came to see our performance of The War of the Worlds at the Harold Washington Library! Now you can now listen to the show in it’s entirety right here:



live at the Chicago women’s funny festival

Friday Aug 23rd @ 8 PM
Stage 773 PRO Theater

Featuring the funny women of LIVE as we present the Wacky Supernatural Misadventures of Lake & Logan!

Ticket info coming soon!


What is LIVE?

What an amazing question! Locked Into Vacancy Entertainment (or LIVE) is a theater company in Chicago, IL that performs brand new comedy in the style of Old Time Radio with live music and live foley and live actors! Once a month we perform at Stage 773 on Chicago’s North Side. We then podcasts the shows on our website, on itunes or any podcasting app.

Photo Credit: Patricia Nightshade Wilson

Photo Credit: Patricia Nightshade Wilson

Photo credit: Patricia Nightshade Wilson

Photo credit: Patricia Nightshade Wilson

Where do I start?!

That’s also a great question! We have several serials to chose from like Joe Jupiter: Space P.I., or the Wacky, Supernatural Misadventures of Clark & Belmont or even the every so dramatic soap opera, Generic Hospital! We also have hilarious parody commercials. All of this is available for you to list to for free right on this very website! Check out all of serials right HERE!